Connecting With Nature : Beauty of the Wind

The world is animated by the wind. This invisible, mysterious force can bring a landscape alive. Its absence can cast a calm stillness over the earth. On barren mountain tops its power is barely perceptible; in forests and seas its presence becomes manifest.

Winds are wild, and sometimes destructive. When we look deeply into the nature of wind, when we reflect on its life, its journey to us, we can see the interconnected nature of all things. The light from the sun travels to the surface of the earth, where air is heated unevenly over land and sea causing it to expand and rise at different rates until this rising and displacing air builds in billowing gusts that rock the oceans and ripple the seas. The wind can make rag-dolls of trees, ripping them from their roots.

The beauty of the wind is its dynamism. It is not constant, nor predictable. One minute it lifts the place; the next there is a lull of still abiding peace. On gentle days it is god’s whisper; In more rambunctious form it is a monster’s roar, a voice that erupts with a wild and angry energy.

When it blows, the air tattoos the surface of canals, lakes, seas, blowing beautiful patterns of rhythmic energy into the liquid silence. Trees bow down in submission, as leaves, branches and roots, dance to its music, its mad, manic energy. Forests roll around in circles sending signals to the clouds, waving to the skies, and laughing to the stars above.

When furious it blows blackened clouds across angry skies. The wind is a river and in its torrent clouds race each other seeking shelter, refuge from the howling ghosts of moving air. The wind travels great distances gathering scents and aromas.


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