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What is Retail Branding? Retail Branding is a strategy in which a retailer’s stores become its products, which can then be uniquely marketed to optimize reach and sales. As the digital revolution has changed the overall branding and marketing landscape, it has also impacted the retail industry. With more and more people investing in e-commerce opportunities and shopping online, businesses have to adapt to the complex industry. Unlike product branding, retail branding is a strategy based on a brand concept but transferred into the retail sector. When branding applies to the retail space, the point isn’t to sell specific brands but to market the overall retailer itself. How can retail branding make a difference in choosing products for Customers? This blog will break down the advantages and disadvantages of retail branding along with a few examples of it in action. Advantages of Retail Branding: No matter the size of the retailer, an effective retail branding strategy c